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Our Election Special

CLICK HERE TO READ  OUR ELECTION SPECIAL This local election has turned into a pretty clear choice between a group of activists who love left wing politics and those of us who love this community and want the...

If you want weekly bin collections, it’s time to vote for them

Some councils only collect your bins ONCE A MONTH. Here’s why that won’t happen in Conservative Dartford.

Hands off the Countryside

Conservative Dartford says neighbouring councils should follow its lead and plan for growth WITHOUT  a threat to the Green Belt.

In Dartford, 97% of council homes go to Dartford people.

We’re sympathetic to people from other places who want housing but we make no apologies for putting families from DARTFORD at the head of our housing queue. Local people come first.

Happy Days

Conservative Dartford puts on great family events. Here’s your guide.

We build great family facilities

We’ve built more great public places than most councils do in a lifetime.

Find your polling station

If you’re registered to vote in the local elections on May 2nd but don’t know where your designated polling station is, the Electoral Commission have a really simple-to-use Polling Station finder. ...

Lowfield Street Lifts-Off

Bellway starts work to bring Tesco’s toxic legacy to an end.

For more than a decade Dartford's community-led Conservative council has worked hard to take the confrontation and pointless politics out of the civic centre. Focussing on common-sense and delivering what residents want has meant low tax, good services, keeping weekly bin collections and a host of new community facilities and events that you simply wouldn't get from other councils. Your Dartford is one of the ways we keep local people informed and we hope you find it useful and entertaining. Click on any of the big pictures above, or any of the features below, to visit our pages. If you're looking for something in particular, try the search button at the top of the page. Thanks.

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