Your Dartford

About us

Your Dartford is run by members and supporters of Dartford Council’s Conservative Group. We form the majority group at the Civic Centre and lead the Council.

Dartford’s Conservative councillors are ordinary men and women of all ages and backgrounds who enjoy helping people and getting things done. They have each stood succesfully for election in their local community and, now they are on the Council, they are committed to working as a team to make Dartford better.

Elected councillors are only one part of the story though. We’re supported by a much larger group of supporters and members who share our aims.  Some may go on to become councillors themselves, others just enjoy working in their neighbourhoods as volunteers without standing for election.

The one thing they ALL have in common, though, is a love of community.

We know that local politics hasn’t always had the best reputation but that’s no excuse for not trying to change it.  More than a decade ago, we committed to running ‘different’ type of council – one that takes its steer not from politics and dogma but from local people. We’ve delivered a lot together since then.

Some people may love the ‘argy-bargy’ of party politics and will do or say just about anything to toe-the-party-line even if it means shooting down good ideas or supporting bad ones.

That’s ridiculous and it’s NOT what the Conservative Group look for when WE ask people to become one of our local community volunteers or councillors.

Instead, we expect them to put their communities first and to keep in touch with people.

That’s what Your Dartford is all about. We want it to be as source of information, entertainment and occasional inspiration for anyone who cares about Dartford and wants to see our communities flourish.

So yes, Dartford Council is a Conservative Council and we are members and supporters. But the promise we made more than a decade ago to run a ‘different kind of council’  – one that puts local residents at the heart of everything we do – holds good today.

Please don’t tar all councils with the same brush.  Some choose politics and some choose community.

We choose community.




Jeremy Kite, Leader of Dartford Council