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Without us, our great improvements
to Central Park could be lost.

If you love what we’ve done in Central Park we need your support to protect it. In less than a decade we’ve restored it to its former glory in grand Edwardian style.
Our vision was to acquire acres of new park, restore the river at its heart and build new bridges, paths, a bandstand, cafe, skatepark and playspace for kids. We’ve done ALL those things, and more.

Everyone loves a traditional park and one of the delights of the Central Park we’ve created is that it’s not easy to tell which of the great attractions are NEW and which have been part of Central Park for years.

In fact, the chances are that the attractions you love will be NEW – delivered by us as part of the vision we unveiled in 2008.  The Park has always been an
important place but previous councils had left it rather  neglected. There had been little investment and, one-by-one, great features disappeared. Our vision started bringing it back to life.

Of course, building things is only the start. It’s people and families that makes Parks special so we run or fund a huge range of events – most of them free. 3,000 of you enjoy our FREE outdoor cinema every year and Shakespeare in the park is hugely popular too. We have also funded great events like the Steam Fair, Park Run and the Easter Egg Hunt.
Now, we want to transform other local green spaces from the smallest verge to community parks.

Although our Central Park vision is almost complete, there’s one last piece of the jigsaw that we want to deliver. We are starting work to restore Acacia, the former GSK sports and social club, to its former historic splendour and connect it with the rest of Central Park. Once complete, the new estate will provide new car parking for town centre visitors as well as securing the future of the heritage buildings for generations to come.

Today, Central Park has been transformed and you tell us that you love it.   It’s been neglected before and we are determined to ensure it doesn’t get left to wrack-and-ruin again.  You can trust us to look after this wonderful asset.


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