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Dartford doesn’t need more politics…

… it needs more community.

By Jeremy Kite. Leader of Dartford Council

Politics is fine … for political fanatics. For everyone else it’s probably quite a bore.

Worse, it can get in the way of good decisions. Some toe-a-party-line even it means shooting down good ideas or supporting bad ones.

On the opposition front there’s little sign of the move to a  ‘kinder and gentler’ politics as Mr Corbyn famously promised. If anything, some things seem to have got a whole lot nastier.

So, whilst it’s true that the opposition have veered quite a way to the left and it’s not quite as easy to work with them as it used to be,  we’re not giving up.  The hard left may be back with a vengeance (or quite a lot of vengeances actually !) but we’re not going to let politics and negativity get in the way.

Since you elected us we’ve worked really hard to kick confrontational politics out of the civic centre and whatever mud is flung at us ( or how far from the left it is thrown) we stay focussed on delivering common-sense LOCAL improvements.

We inherited a council awash with political squabbling and relaced it with a common-sense, ‘work-together’ approach that got things done.

Focussing on our town and its taxpayers ( not the politics. ) has meant low tax, good services and host of new facilities and events that you simply wouldn’t get from other councils.

More than that, we provide vital grants to all sorts of groups from the Scouts to Active Retirement Associations and from Sports Clubs to Arts projects.

On the big stage, we mobilised to ensure that the new Lower Thames Crossing wasn’t dumped on Dartford and got people agreeing that Crossrail should come here.

It’s hard work, and there are always challenges, but good things are happening in Dartford. It’s a great community.

Now, more than ever, Dartford needs less politics and more community.


Jeremy welcomes emails from residents and will try to help if he can. email him at




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