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In Dartford, 97% of council homes go to Dartford people.

We’re sympathetic to people from other places who want housing but we make no apologies for putting families from DARTFORD at the head of our housing queue. Local people come first.

The policy we introduced means that last year 96.9% of Dartford’s Council Homes were allocated to Dartford families.

We don’t allocate our housing to people arriving from other areas, other councils or even other countries.

We DO make an exception for members of the Armed Forces who may need to move here for work after their service. Quite simply, we are proud to have them in our community.

Do you seriously believe ALL councils would do that?

We are also proud to be the first Dartford Council in FORTY years to build new council housing and when we hand over the keys, it will be to decent Dartford families who need a step on the housing ladder.

In July 2017, Conservative Dartford opened the first new council homes for decades at Temple Hill, part of our commitment to provide truly affordable accommodation to great local families.

Conservative Council Leader Jeremy Kite celebrates the opening of new council homes at Temple Hill

The Dartford Messenger spoke to one of the families moving in to a new two bedroom apartment –  a great local couple who had been living in a one-bedroom property in Alamein Gardens with a their young daughter – who said : “We love it. It’s really nice and meets our needs perfectly.”

As guest of honour Lord Attlee said as he opened our new homes just as his grandfather had done decades before …

“Decent accommodation means children can be socially confident and have a table at home to do their homework, they can study properly and achieve their full potential … What has been done here is that they have been very careful to give them to deserving families, couples, and individuals, but who have also got strong local connections.”

Some councils seem to care little for the plight of young families looking for that crucial step into affordable housing but for us, it’s at the heart of what we do.  We may not solve Britain’s housing problems single handed but if more councils followed Conservative Dartford’s example, thousands of decent families could be moving into a home of their own.

Prime Minister Clement Attlee opens new Temple Hill council housing in 1947 …


… and 70 years on, the current Lord Attlee who bears an uncanny resemblance to his grandfather, opened Conservative Dartford’s new council homes in the same neighbourhood.


LINK: Kent Messenger. Grandson of Clement Attlee opens Dartford’s first new council homes for 40 years.

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