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We build great family facilities

We’ve built more great public places than most councils do in a lifetime.

In some towns, you’ll be lucky if the council renovates a bus shelter but since you elected us we’ve delivered more new family facilities for Dartford than most councils do in a lifetime.
We’ve done it because we believe that you can’t build great communities without great facilities to support them.  Lot’s of councils find reasons to let places like leisure centres and sport clubs fall into disrepair but we want to INVEST in these places so that they can make a real contribution to the lives of decent families.

In little more than a decade we nearly doubled the size of Central Park and restored it in Edwardian style. You tell us you love it.

We’ve built a bandstand, a Cafe in the Park, a skatepark and a terrific waterplay space for kids. We’ve created new Park gates and opened up historic pedestrian
tunnels that had been closed for decades.

We brought Dartford Football Club home to Princes Park, created a new home for bowls, a world class Judo club and supported community facilities all over the borough. We created a new Cricket Pavilion at Hesketh Park which now attracts hundreds of young players and our refurbishment of Fairfield turned an old swimming pool that had been starved of investment by previous councils into a fresh, modern and popular facility that now turns a profit for the taxpayer. We’ve provided facilities for just about every age group and lots of different activities – from an outdoor gym to an outdoor theatre, from a bandstand to playspaces for kids.

And it’s not just new facilities. We also invest in the maintenance and refurbishment of our existing facilities so we don’t face huge bills later on.  It’s the way common-sense councils behave. It’s meant a brand new running track at Central Park athletics and new air-cooling for the wonderful Orchard Theatre auditorium.

Some Councils deliver nothing but cuts and excuses so if you want to see more of our good things happen you need support and vote for the people who make them happen. That’s us.

We believe in communities and want decent people to have the best facilities.

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