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If you want weekly bin collections, it’s time to vote for them

Some councils only collect your bins ONCE A MONTH. Here’s why that won’t happen in Conservative Dartford.

First it was fortnightly, then three weekly. Now, some councils are only picking up household waste ONCE A MONTH. Yes, you did read that right. Some councils now only collect your waste bin 12 times a year!
That’s not the way Dartford’s Conservative Council does business. Our view is clear. Taxpayers pay for a service and councils are here to work for residents – NOT the other way round.

Dartford has been WELL AHEAD of the crowd in realising that REDUCING the amount of waste we generate and RE-USING materials whenever we can are the big priorities.  Residents seem to understand that too. We know, because we ask you.

bigbinvoiteresultFinding out what residents want is really important to us. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that Dartford’s Conservative Council stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to listening and responding to taxpayers.

We hold a BIG BIN VOTE on a regular basis and present ALL the options openly and transparently.  We explain how some options ( like reducing the frequency of collections ) would improve recycling rates and we leave it to you to decide. Our last BIG BIN VOTE was in late 2017 and it’s clear that two-thirds of you wanted us to stick with weekly bin collections – so we will

We get some stick from the Dartford Labour Party who like to whip up false outrage because our recycling rates are lower than councils who collect less frequently but if they stopped point-scoring for a moment they might see that the world market for recycling is in turmoil and more and more councils and governments are realising that a new approach is needed. We provide a reliable  fortnightly recycling service and encourage everyone to recycle because avoiding landfill is hugely important for future generations. Dartford Council currently sends just 0.6% of  waste to landfill. That’s a fantastic achievement.

We’factchekbincollectionsve also noticed that Labour tend to exploit our common-sense approach to Christmas colllections ( Relaxing the rules on how much waste can be put out for collection is great for you but obviously takes longer to collect)  to create the impression that our collection service is poor.  FAKE NEWS!  Last month we collected more than 96% of bins on the scheduled day and more than 99% within 24hrs.

We think it’s pretty clear which way your bin collections would go if we weren’t around to defend them.



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