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Meet the Argonauts!

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Photo by Pete Bresser

By Jeremy Kite

Wow, just wow.  A few weeks ago I received an email from John Davis-Ashdown, one of the organisers of The Argonauts sports club who base themselves at the new Fairfield sports hall telling me that members wanted to present a certificate of appreciation to me for some help I’d been able to give them as they got their club off the ground.  It was a really nice thing for them to do.

The Argonauts probably aren’t as well-known as some of Dartford’s sports clubs but then again they haven’t been around for as long.

What they do have, though, is a tremendous passion for the thing they do – and that thing is bring able-bodied and disabled athletes together to take part in competitive sport.  Initially, their focus is on wheelchair rugby but this amazing club have lots of ambitions to expand into other sports like fencing.  There’s something really exciting about bringing the able-bodied and disabled together to compete on a ‘level playing field’.   At the club’s invitation I’ve done a bit of it which involved me strapping myself into a sports wheelchair and competing in a brief game of rugby at Fairfield.  I say ‘brief’ because the serious players of The Argonauts ‘wheeled rings around me’ and scored point after point.

argonauthlogosmallNo two Argonaut member’s stories are the same but I’ve met a number who met with some life-changing injuries in accidents ( sadly, a few involving motorbikes ) and The Argonauts has permitted them to return to competitive sport in a way that at some points in their recovery they may have never thought possible.

We’re very, very lucky to have The Argonauts in Dartford and they have clearly settled in to there new home at Fairfield.

The argonauts have a FACEBOOK page here   and a TWITTER feed here

All photos on the page were taken by Pete Bresser. His website is here

Jeremy Kite

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