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First time voter?

If this is your first election as a voter, there’s really no need to worry about what to do.  There’s no shortage of people willing to help once you enter a polling station and polling staff will be only to pleased to assist you.

What happens on polling day?

We’re going to make the assumption that you are a registered voter and you plan to vote in person at your designated polling station.

If you haven’t registered yet, it’s worth visiting the official voter registration site  HERE  to see if there’s still time for you to register to vote on May 2nd.

If you don’t know where your polling station is, you can find out HERE.

Registered voters will normally receive an official polling card through the post.  It will include information about  you and about your polling station and the date and times of polling.  Although the Polling Card can help speed things up at the polling station, you don’t need to have one to vote. If you lose it, don’t worry. The important thing is that you are registered to vote in this election and turn up to the right polling station during voting hours.

For these local elections that means between 7am till 10pm on Thursday 2nd May 2019

When you get to the Polling Station.

Inside the polling station you’ll find polling staff at a desk ready to issue your ballot paper(s). It’s their job to make sure that the polling runs smoothly and fairly. They’re also there to help you. Tell them your name and address (or hand them your polling card if you have it ) and they will check that you are on the register of electors. You may see them draw a line through your name on their copy of the register so that nobody votes twice!  They will hand you a ballot paper ( You may be given more than ballot paper if there are Parish , Town or other elections too ). There will be instructions telling you how many candidates to vote for.
In some election areas ( known as wards ) there may be more than one one seat being contested. It’s not unusual to be asked to vote for one, two or three ( or more ) candidates. Go to one of the polling booths and simply use the pencil provided to put a cross in the right hand box next to the name of the candidate(s) you wish to vote for.

Your vote is confidential.

When you’re done, simply fold the ballot paper and post it into the ballot box. You’ll recognise the ballot box easily. It will be in a prominent position and you’ll probably notice it on your way to the polling booth.

That’s it. You’ve voted.   When the Polling Station closes, the box will be taken to be counted. The results of the election will appear on the Council’s website and usually in the local press too.

Who should I vote for?

We’ll, we’re local Conservative candidates so we naturally we hope you will vote for us and our colleagues.  We’ve worked hard to create a council that focusses on the community rather than on party politics. We do lots of things for families, young people, the environment and build great facilities like Princes Park, Dartford Cricket Club, Central Park and, this year, a new home for Rugby. We’re also one of the few councils to retain weekly bin collections.

But, at the end of the day, it’s your vote and your choice. If you want a list of our candidates you can find it below.

Where can I learn more about voting in an election?

A great place to start is a website run by the Electoral Commission called  YOUR VOTE MATTERS.  It’s got loads of useful advice, including how to vote by post.  There’s a link to it HERE.

Our Candidates

We’ve selected 42 local people to stand in these elections. Please vote for them.

Bean & Village Park

Dave Hammock


Rosanna Currans
Av Sandhu


Dave Butler


Matthew Davis


Ian Armitt


Danny Nicklen
Kyle Stealey
Stephane Tindame

Greenhithe & Knockhall

Keith Kelly
Maria Kelly
David Mote


Andy Lloyd
Patsy Thurlow

Joydens Wood

Brian Garden
Marilyn Peters

Longfield, New Barn & Southfleet

Steve Brown
Jeremy Kite
Roger Perfitt

Maypole & Leyton Cross

Ann Allen


Ellenor Palmer
Steve Parsons


Sheun Oke
Rebecca Storey

Stone Castle

John Burrell
Lucy Canham
Paul Cutler

Stone House

Tom Oliver
Steven Jarnell


Aaron Kelly
Tom Shippam

Temple Hill

Anita Sillick
Peter Whapshott
Tim Westwood


Chris Shippam
Richard Wells

West Hill

Julie Ozog
Denzil Reynolds
Drew Swinerd

Wilmington, Sutton-at-Hone & Hawley

Derek Hunnisett
Calvin McLean
Lucas Reynolds


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