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Cinema & Restaurants on the way at former Co-op site

A new leisure quarter for Dartford.

Proposals to regenerate the the old co-op site and Westgate car park are bang on schedule and a Summer of public consultation seems to have gone really well.

The Westgate site

Plans to bring a new cinema, restaurants and car parking to a new cultural quarter seem popular. Concerns raised by people centred around whether the wonderful Art Deco co-op facade was going to be retained ( it will ) and whether there’s enough public car-parking ( this proposal won’t meet ALL of Dartford’s needs but other new car parks are on the way to meet demand ).

There was also concern that a new NHS GP facility on site might mean the closure of other practices. That’s a matter for the GP’s themselves but what WE want to see is MORE capacity and investment in NHS services. Of course, councils aren’t responsible for the NHS, but we DO represent local communities and the message we send loud and clear is that appointments and access to GPs must improve and we’re here to help them.

Once completed, the scheme will deliver a whole new leisure quarter, linking our wonderful Orchard Theatre with a new cinema and a host of new restaurants.  It will also provide a new mult-story car park to serve the development and the wider town.  There will be a limited number of new apartments – around 140 to create a lively new neighbourhood.

The people behind the Westgate proposals – a very well established company called MUSE who have a great track record of completing these sort of schemes around the country have created a really informative website full of lots of plans and information.  You’ll find links at the bottom of the page.

We’d love to know what you think of the scheme. Drop us an email at



LINK: Westgate Dartford – a great website full of pictures and plans

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