Your Dartford


Your Dartford  aims to provide information and updates about what’s going on around our home town from the Conservative councillors and campaigners who represent you.

In these pages, we hope you can learn more about the work and campaigns underway in your neighbourhood as well as updates on the big projects that matter to Dartford.

More than a decade ago, we pledged ourselves to run a ‘different kind of council’ – one that doesn’t get wrapped up in pointless politics but listens to local residents and tries to deliver what THEY want.

Since you elected us we’ve worked hard to kick pointless politics out of the Civic Centre and focussing on the taxpayer ( not the politics ) has meant low tax, good
services, keeping WEEKLY bin collections and a host of new community facilities and events that you simply wouldn’t get from other councils.

Your Dartford is part of that service from your Conservative council and, as it grows with more and more information about our community, we hope you find it useful.



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